BOD Bottle

Incubator Bottle 100 mL for BOD Testing / 5 pcs,・ BOD incubator bottles are used to add inoculation diluting water to the sample and incubate the sample at 20 ℃ for 5 days during BOD measurement of industrial wastewater, etc.

・ The material is hard glass.

・ Use of a weighing incubator bottle enables accurate sampling with ±1 % accuracy (two types: 100 mL and 102 mL).

● Incubator bottles without groove are specially for DO meter electrodes.

On products with grooves, the plug and main unit have a groove. Align these grooves when removing the plug as it vents air so the plug can be removed easily.,

Item Code 080530-1005A
Model No rubber collar No groove
Without collar or groove
Mouth Inner Diameter
Capacity Range
95.0 to 105.0
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