Renishaw NC3 Tool Setter

Renishaw NC3 Tool Setter

NC3 Tool Setter

NC3 is a non-contact tool setter, available in a fixed configuration and offered in a single size. NC3 is compact and designed to accommodate tools up to 80 mm diameter making it ideal for small to medium machining centers and special applications.

  • Repeatability ±0.15 μm (0.000006 in)
  • Tool diameter
  • Measurement
  • Min: 0.20 mm (0.008 in)
  • Max: 80 mm (3.15 in)
  • Off-center 100 mm (3.94 in)
  • Breakage Min: 0.10 mm (0.0039 in)


NC3 fixed system kit

  • NC3 fixed unit with 10 m integral cable
  • NCi-5 interface
  • Air regulator kit
  • Ø17 mm OD × 4 m conduit
  • Mounting plate
  • Part number: A-4179-1100

NC3 fixed unit only

  • NC3 fixed unit with 10 m integral cable
  • Part number: A-4179-1500

NC3 fixed system retrofit kit
NC3 retrofit kit includes all items above plus the following:

  • Tool setting software
  • Installation and application support
  • Part number: NC3-F135-S Price: Call for details
  • NCi-5 interface

Part number: A-5259-2000

NC3 air regulator kit
Part number: A-4179-1600

NC3 air filter service kit
Part number: P-FI01-S002

Steel sheath conduit
Ø17 mm OD × 1 m length, for cable protection.
Part number: P-HO01-0008

45° mounting bracket
Part number: A-4179-1501

NC3 air nozzle kit
Part number: A-4179-0450 P