SIBATA Flow Calibrator FC-L1

SIBATA Flow Calibrator FC-L1,This digital flowmeter can measure low volume flowrates with good accuracy. The measured flowrate is automatically corrected to standard conditions (25 ℃, 1 atm; 20 ℃, 1 atm; 0 ℃, 1 atm; or actual flowrate), so the digital flowrate display can be used as a standard flowrate as is.

This is ideal for calibrating the flowrate of suction pumps for low volume air samplers. An accumulated flowrate display has been added.

• This unit is CE compliant.

● This is a dry flowmeter, so it is easy to operate and manage.

● Displays measurement flowrate, temperature, and air pressure values.

● This can automatically calibrate the flowrate of LVS-30, LV-40BR/BW low volume pumps, and LV-250/250R PM2.5 samplers. (A USB cable or special communication cable is separately required.),

Item Code 080120-157
Model FC-L1
Measurement Range
5〜40L/min 1
Flow Rate Display Range
0 to 50L/min
Flow Rate Detection
Differential pressure detection system
Flow Accuracy
±3 % with respect to the measured flowrate value
Approximately0.9kg(Including battery)
Battery Operating Time
8 hours or more*3
LCD digital display
Cumulative Flow Rate Display
Operating Environment
Temperature 0-40ºC, Relative humidity 10-90%(Provided there is no condensation)
Power Supply
AA batteries 4
105(W)x170(D)x100(H)mm (ExcluDing protrusions)
4 AA batteries (for operation check)
Toaron tube Dia. 10×14.5 2.5m 1 piece
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Options and Spare Parts

AC Adapter HKSC-090810 9V-2A

FC-L1 Soft Case

AC Adapter SMI18-5-V-P5