SIBATA Globe Thermometer GTM-1

SIBATA Globe Thermometer GTM-1,This is an optional part for the IES-5000/-4000 indoor pollution evaluating systems.

The globe thermometer measures the radiation heat (radiant heat) of objects. GTM-1 is a 75 mm diameter globe thermometer made by Sibata. This is a measurement factor of the comfort equation of the predicted mean vote (PMV) and predicted percentage of dissatisfied (PPD) based on the thermal load on human body and the index of people feeling hot/cold.

Measuring the radiation heat using the globe thermometer allows the PMV and PPD values to be automatically calculated by combing with the six main items measured by the IES-5000 (airborne dust, air flow, carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), temperature, relative humidity). This enables one to find the index specified in the international standard “ISO 7730: Moderate thermal environments.”


Item Code 080610-6
Model GTM-1
Measurement Principle
Resistance change method
Measurement Range
Globe temperature
Response Time
About 20 minutes
Operating Environment
Temperature 0-60ºC
Power Supply
Supplied from the IES-4000 main unit
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