SIBATA Low Volume Air Sampler LVS-30

SIBATA Low Volume Air Sampler LVS-30,This is a small light-weight portable suction pump that supports both alternate and direct (AC/DC) power supplies. As a low volume air sampler, this suction pump can be used for various types of sampling including measurement of particles in work environments or other atmospheric air environments.

In addition to a conventional connection to an AC power outlet, it can be driven by a battery. So it can be used in places without any power outlets such as outdoors.

See Remarks in the specifications below.

● It is a small light-weight low volume pump.

● It can store up to five sampling parameters.

● It can be driven using a battery unit in addition to an AC power supply so it can be used in places without any power supply.

● The suction flowrate can be set in a wide range from 5.0 to 30.0 L/min.

● The display unit uses organic EL so the instantaneous flowrate, accumulated flowrate, pressure loss, air pressure, and temperature are displayed clearly.

● It is equipped with various timer functions (countdown timer/volume timer/calendar timer/interval timer/manual operation).

● It is equipped with a constant flowrate unit to prevent flowrate drops due to load.

● The battery unit can be replaced by the customer.

● It is equipped with the pause function. (The battery can be replaced during pause.)

● A flowrate indicator for visually checking the suction flowrate status during sampling can be directly installed on the main pump unit (in accordance with the Work Environment Guidebook). (The flowrate indicator and the mount for it are separately available.)

● The battery unit is equipped with an overcharge prevention function.

■ Applications

● Measurement of mineral dust based on Japanese Working Environment Measurement Act as a portable low volume air sampler

● Sampling of particles suspended in the air when used in combination with a multi-stage particle size separator

● Measurement of metals and specified chemical substances in work environments by using a filter paper holder (dia. 55 mm)

● Measurement of dust in accordance with Japanese Act on Maintenance of Sanitation in Buildings as a portable low volume air sampler,

Item Code 080800-030
Model LVS-30 Main Unit Only
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