SIBATA Phase Contrast Microscope for Asbestos Measurement

SIBATA Phase Contrast Microscope for Asbestos Measurement,・ This simple phase contrast microscope is compatible with the phase contrast microscope (PCM) method in the Asbestos Monitoring Manual edition 4.1.

・ Unnecessary equipment is omitted to achieve excellent cost effectiveness.

・ There are only 2 objective lenses, 10x and 40x.

・ An eyepiece graticule is built into the single eyepiece with visibility adjustment mechanism.

・ Thanks to long lasting LED illumination (3 W), there are no concerns about bulb replacement.

・ High quality Japanese microscope,

Item Code 080140-5310
Model Type MT5310L/PCM
Power Supply
AC100-230V 0.03A 50/60Hz
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