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SIBATA Indoor Pollution Evaluating System IES-5000

SIBATA Indoor Pollution Evaluating System IES-5000,IES-5000 indoor pollution evaluating system is measurement instrument developed based on the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare notification—“Act on Maintenance of Sanitation in Buildings,” commonly known as “Building Sanitations Act.” It enables you to measure the six main items related to the air environment, namely airborne dust, air flow, carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), temperature, and relative humidity simultaneously, and create an “Air Environment Measurement Results Report.”

It achieves a high level of compactness, and compared to the previous IES-4000, it has a size and weight of approximately 1/4 the volume and approximately 1/3 the weight. The measurement operations can be performed wirelessly from a tablet computer, and points can be added, and names changed, on site.

The LD-2I digital dust indicator and tablet computer with various types of software installed are not included.

They must be prepared separately.

● A small portable type product with excellent mobility

● Simultaneous measurement of the six items specified as the management standard of environmental sanitation for buildings

● Design that enables the use of a tablet computer

-As the measurement unit and operation section are separate, operability is improved.

-Measurement data is stored directly in the tablet computer.

-Capable of recording 200 properties (100 points and 300 data pieces per property)

-Regarding operating OS, Windows 10 is supported.

● Capable of connecting to optional decibel meters, illuminometers, globe thermometers, and temperature sensors for measuring the temperature 10 cm above the floor (common to IES-3000/IES-4000)

● Capable of operating for 12 hours using a rechargeable battery (can also work with an AC adapter)

• The dust indicator can be calibrated by the Japan Architectural Health Management and Education Center (JAHMEC).

When newly purchasing the IES-5000, you can request that the dust indicator be calibrated by JAHMEC. If you wish to have the product calibrated by the JAHMEC, please also order the option “LD-2I Education Center Calibration Fee for New Product” below at the time of purchase. (Calibration is provided only when purchasing a new product.)

• If you wish to have the product calibrated again, please refer to this video (Procedure of attaching/removing and calibrating the LD-2I dust indicator for the IES-5000 indoor pollution evaluating system).,

Item Code 080610-5002
Model IES-5000
Measurement Principle
Platinum resistor resistance type, Polymer thin film capaxcitance type, Bridge balanced constant temperature operating method, Constant potential electrolysis method, Non-dispersive infrared method, Light Scattering method (*LD-21)
Measurement Range
-10~60ºC 5~95%rh 0.05~2.00m/s 0~100ppm 0~10000ppm 0.000~4.000mg/m3
All range±0.5ºC ±4%rh(at 25ºC) All range±0.2m/s(at calibration) 0~10ppm:±2.5ppm
10.1~100ppm:±5ppm 0~2000ppm:±50ppm
5001~10000ppm:±500ppm ±10%(against standard particle)
Bluetooth4.0 communiction, Micro USB port
airborne dust, air flow, carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), temperature, and relative humidity(LD-2I separately sold)
0.1ºC 0.1%rh 0.01m/s 0.1ppm 1ppm 0.001mg/m3
Liquid crystalTablet PC(10.5 inch)sold separately
Operating Environment
Temperature 5-40ºC, Relative humidity 10-90%(Provided there is no condensation)
Power Supply
Internal nickel metal-hydride batteries, Charging time about 8 hours Continuous operation time about 12 hours, Charger and AC adapter (AC100V 50 / 60Hz) It is also possible to supply driving power from the micro USB port.
Approx. 180(W)x130(D)x150(H)mm (ExcluDing protrusions) Approx. 1.4kg
Charger / AC adapter x 1 Standard scattering plate / zero filter for dust meter calibration x 1
COCO2 calibration gas (for zero, for span) x 1 each COCO2 calibration gas sampling bag (for zero, for span) x 10
COCO2 calibration tube x 1 Tablet PC (software installed) x 1
Tripod x 1 Quick shoe for tripod x 1 Soft case x 1
Price (excluding tax) Contact us

Options and Spare Parts

UT-300/COX-4100 Gas Sampling Bag / 10 bags

Low Height Thermosensor LTM-1

Globe Thermometer GTM-1

NL-27 Cable

Illuminometer Model CANA-0010S

AC Adopter US318-09 PL03B for IES-5000

Quick Shoe DQ-10N

Illuminometer Mount for IES-5000

IES-5000 Soft Case

LTM-1 Fixing Clip for IES-5000

Decibel Meter NL-27 / certificate not included

Decibel Meter NL-27 / certificate included

Measuring Tube for IES-5000

Calibration Tube for IES-5000

Hardcase for IES-5000

Dust Sensor LD-2I for IES