Andersen Sampler AN-200 Set

Andersen Sampler AN-200 Set,This is an impactor particle size distribution measurement instrument equipped with a multi-stage porous jet nozzle. It selectively collects aerosols suspended in the air or the environment separately by particle size. The measurement instrument consists of a particle size separator, a flowmeter, a suction pump, and a shelter. The particle size separator consists of 8 overlapping corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy stages. It separates out aerosols between 0.43 and 11 μm in size.

Aerosols smaller than 0.43 μm are filtered out by a backup filter.

● Aerosols 0.43 to 11 μm in size are separated out by an 8-stage filter.

● Particles can be separated in 9 stages including the backup filter.

● The user can select from PTFE binder filter, glass collection plate, or stainless steel collection plate. ● A sample holder is included for storing the PTFE binder filter.

■ Applications

● Researching air pollution

● Separating out aerosols

● Researching respiratory disorders

● Evaluating the efficiency of air filters

● Evaluating the particle distribution of purified particles,

Item Code 080040-01
Model AN-200
Particle Separation Range
0.43 to 11μm
Particle Size Classification
8 stages
Stage 0:11μm and larger
Stage 1:7.0 to 11μm
Stage 2:4.7 to 7.0μm
Stage 3:3.3 to 4.7μm
Stage 4:2.1to 3.3μm
Stage 5:1.1 to 2.1μm
Stage 6:0.65 to 1.1μm
Stage 7:0.43 to 0.65μm(Backup filter:0.43μm and smaller)
Suction Flow Rate
28.3L/min1 cubic feet / minute
Power Supply
AC100V 1A
Cable length : 3m
Grain part body
Glass collection plates 10 pieces
Fluororesin treated glass fiber filter T60A20 Dia. 80mm 50 sheets
Aluminum filter plates 8 pieces
Stainless steel collection plates 10 pieces
Styrene sample holders 10 pieces
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Options and Spare Parts

Andersen AN-200 Shelter

Andersen AN-200 Main Body