Carbon Bead Active Sorbent Tube EW Type

Carbon Bead Active Sorbent Tube EW Type,・ This sampling tube for ethylene oxide is filled with synthetic activated charcoal impregnated with hydrobromic acid.

・ It can collect ethylene oxide, a specified chemical substance under the Japanese Industrial Safety and Health Act.

● This product is a sealed glass tube filled with carbon beads impregnated with hydrobromic acid.

● Ethylene oxide in the work environment is derivatized and collected as 2-bromoethanol.

● High purity silica wool is packed between the two filling layers, simplifying retrieval during extraction.

● After collection, break the glass tube to retrieve the carbon beads from the inside, extract the sample using a mixed toluene/acetonitrile solvent, and analyze it using GC/MS.

● This is a low blank type.,

Item Code 080150-092
Model Type EW
Carbon beads impregnated with hydrobromic acid (Approx. 20 to 40 mesh): Front layer 100mg, Back layer 50mg
Preservation Method
Store in a dry, cool and dark place (below 0 to 10ºC).
Expiration Date
One year after manufacture
Approx. Dia. 6x70mm
Vinyl tube, heart-shaped cutter
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