Decibel Meter NL-27

Decibel Meter NL-27 / certificate not included,・ This product is compliant with the Japanese Measurement Act, JIS, as well as IEC Standards.

・ It has a wide linearity range for 107dB and can measure 30 to 137 dB noise levels without changing ranges.

・ It can measure sound level (noise level), hourly-average sound level (equivalent noise level), maximum sound level (maximum value of noise level), noise exposure level, and C-weighed peak sound level.

・ It has a manual store function and can transmit data to a computer via USB communication adapter cable (option).

・ It can be operated for 9 hours with two AAA alkaline batteries.

・ It is used for environmental hygiene in schools, industrial hygiene, environmental surveys, etc.

・ It can be used while being connected to the IES-5000. (A cable is separately available.),

Item Code 080610-027
Model NL-27(no Certification)
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