Filter Clearing Kit QuickFix

Filter Clearing Kit QuickFix,This is convenient for clearing filters as a pretreatment before counting asbestos particles in a microscope. After preheating the instrument, place the filter on a glass slide and position it directly under the nozzle. Add approximately 0.3 mL of acetone using a handy pipetter, and clear the filter in a few seconds. Add a further 2 to 3 drops of triacetin, and cover it with the glass cover. The sample can be cleared completely.

● The filter is cleared in five seconds using a mere 0.2 to 0.3 mL of acetone.

● The durable aluminum housing is contamination resistant, so maintenance is simple.

● The small size makes it easy to transport to the site.,

Item Code 080140-47
Power Supply
AC115V 50/60Hz 150W
Acetone steam cover, outlet adapter
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