General Bacteria Testing Sheet

General Bacteria Testing Sheet / 25pcs,These general bacteria testing sheets can be used to easily test for general bacteria. The simplified test method uses testing sheets containing TTC as a coloring agent, and does not require specialized knowledge.

A 1 mL liquid sample is dripped onto the sheet, or the sheet is immersed in the sample, and then the bacteria are cultivated in an incubator (at 37 ℃). After that, the operator simply determines the average number of spots. In addition, it can be stored for 2 years in a cool and dark location if unopened.

● Easy to use.

● The general bacteria are tallied as red spots cultivated on a testing sheet.

● The product is capable of long-term storage (unopened) in a cool, dark, and dry place.

● It comes in an EOG sterilized pack.

■ Determination

1. After cultivation, the bacteria appear as spots (dots).

2. An estimation is performed from the average number of spots on several testing sheets.

3. After the test, be sure to incinerate the testing sheets.

■ Applications

● Screening tests for domestic water

● Screening tests for pool water and bath water

● Screening tests for factory wastewater

● Screening tests for water testing for general food products except dairy products,

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Model Set of 25
25 sheets in a sterilized pack
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