Glass Fiber Filter PTFE Binding TF98R

Glass Fiber Filter PTFE Binding TF98R,This dust collection filter is used for environmental measurements. It retains the basic performance of the previous model TF98, but further improves quality in terms of strength and mass stability.

With an initial collection efficiency of approximately 98 %, which is equivalent to or better than the widely used T60A20 fluororesin-coated glass fiber filter, this filter also has a comparable pressure loss, so the suction load is light, making this an excellent filter for Sibata environmental measurement equipment.

● This is PTFE coated, and tends not to absorb moisture, so it can operate efficiently without much need to consider the humidity level.

● It is used with high volume air samplers and low volume air samplers.

● There are 8 filters available ranging from dia. 10 to 110 mm.


● Pressure Loss (kPa): 0.155 ± 0.020

● Collection Efficiency (%)*1: ≥97.5

● Moisture Absorbed (mg/dia. 47 mm): ≤0.13

● Thickness (mm): 0.13 ± 0.02

● Tensile Strength: 5.3 N/15 mm*2

*1: 0.3 μm PAO particles

*2: TF98 is 3.3 N/15 mm.,

Item Code 080130-098110
Model TF98R
50 sheets
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