Mitutoyo – 188 Series Metric Pitch Gauge

Mitutoyo – 188 Series Metric Pitch Gauge,

188 Series Metric Pitch Gauge by Mitutoyo. If you’re looking for a reliable solution to get your job done with the ultimate accuracy, this top-notch measuring tool is right up to your alley. It is designed to help you maintain precision quality control on all the stages of your project. Made utilizing industry-leading materials and high-end equipment, this tool features an ergonomic design for uncompromising comfort and ease of use.


Material: Steel
Units Of Measuring: Metric
Angled: 60°


  • Thread pitch size is stamped on each gage
  • Metric Screw Pitch Gages (60 degrees)
  • Comes with a locking clamp
  • Metric,Unified,and Whitworth screw pitch gages

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