Mitutoyo – U-Wave LEDs and Buzzer Battery Kit

Mitutoyo – U-Wave LEDs and Buzzer Battery Kit,

U-Wave LEDs and Buzzer Battery Kit by Mitutoyo. If you’re looking for a reliable solution to get your job done with the ultimate accuracy, this top-notch measuring tool is right up to your alley. It is designed to help you maintain precision quality control on all the stages of your project. Made utilizing industry-leading materials and high-end equipment, this tool features an ergonomic design for uncompromising comfort and ease of use.


Data Reception Indication: Leds and Buzzer
Power Supply: 1 x Cr2032 Lithium Battery
Battery Life: Approx. 400,000 Transmissions
Dimensions: 1.73″ x 1.17″ x 0.73″ (44 mm x 29.6 mm x 18.5 mm)
Weight: 0.05 Lbs (23 G)


  • Transmits data from measuring tools to U-Wave-R
  • Designed to help you get your job done right
  • Provides the ultimate in functionality
  • Built to meet your specific measuring needs
  • Manufactured utilizing top-grade materials
  • Guaranteed to serve reliably for a long time
  • Ensures the highest quality at an affordable price
  • Made in Japan

Brand: Part Number: 02AZD880G