Peroxide Value Tester

Peroxide Value Tester Model 5,When foods processed with oil or nuts and seeds with a high fat content are stored for a long time, they start to generate an unpleasant odor and their taste degrades due to actions of enzymes in the air, humidity, heat, and light, which lower their product value. This product can measure the peroxide value which is the cause of these phenomena in a short time and in a simplified manner.

● You can easily measure the peroxide value of foods processed with oil as well as nuts and seeds.

● It can significantly reduce work time and measurement costs compared to the official peroxide value measurement procedure (titration method).

● Measurement range is 5 to 30 meq/kg. Color chart: 5/10/20/30

■ The following items are required for measurements other than the product.

・ Blender to crush samples finely ・Tweezers 

・ Hot plate that can be heated to 70 ℃ ・Pure water 

・ Dispenser that can dispense 30 μL,

Item Code 080570-85
Model 5 Type
Measurement Principle
Lodine starch reaction
Measurement Range
5, 10, 20, 30meq/kg
Measurement Item
Peroxide value of foods processed with oil as well as nuts and seeds
Colored filter paper 100 sheets
Reagent 9mL
Aluminum foil 250 pieces
Color chart 1sheet
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Options and Spare Parts

Peroxide Value Tester 5 Aluminum Foil / 250 sheets

Reagent for Peroxide Value Tester 5 / 9 mL

Low Range Peroxide Value Color Chart

Peroxide Value Tester 3/5 Test Paper

Peroxide Value Tester Model 3/5 Test Reagent