PM4 Separator NW-354 with filter folder

PM4 Separator NW-354 with filter folder,This holder with inertial impactor is a filter sampling unit with a PM4 inertial impactor attached.

The filter sizes are dia. 25 mm and dia. 35 mm.

In this design, particles first collect on a sample plate. Respirable particles that penetrate the plate then collect on a glass fiber filter.

This can be used to measure dust in work environments, and to sample manganese etc.

• The particle size separator is certified by the Japan Association for Working Environment Measurement.

● This holder can collect PM4 respirable particles (with a 50 % cut at 4 μm) at a suction flowrate of 20 L/min.

● This particle size separator is compliant with the regulatory conditions in article 2 item 2 of the Work Environment Measurement Standards.

● It can be used to sample dust designated for collection as respirable particles in the Work Environment Measurement Standards as well as manganese etc.,

Item Code 080120-354
Model For NW-354 Dia.35
30 L/min, 100 % reduction of particles 10.0 μm or larger
Particle Separation Characteristics
PM4(4μm50% cut)
Filter Used
Dia. 25mm sampling plate(glass) provides at least a 50% cut of 4 μm particles
Dia. 35mm fluororesin coated glass fiber filter provides less than 50 % cut of 4 μm particles
Suction Flow Rate
Operating Environment
Temperature 0-40ºC
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Options and Spare Parts

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