Renishaw RMP60M

Renishaw RMP60M

Renishaw RMP60M

RMP60M is a modular version of the RMP60. The RMP60M, probe module, adaptors and extensions need to be purchased separately. RMP60 complies with FCC regulations and operates in the 2.4 GHz range.

1 – RMP60M transmission module
Part number: A-4113-1003

2 – RMP60M probe module
Part number: A-4038-1002

3 – RMP60M 100 mm extension
Part number: A-4038-1010

4 – RMP60M 150 mm extension
Part number: A-4038-1027

5 – RMP60M 200 mm extension
Part number: A-4038-1028

6 – RMP60M LP2 adaptor
Part number: A-4038-0212

7 – LPE3 150 mm extension
Part number: A-2063-7003

8 – LPE2 100 mm extension
Part number: A-2063-7002

9 – LPE1 50 mm extension
Part number: A-2063-7001

10 – MA4 90° adaptor
Part number: A-2063-7600

11 – LP2 probe assembly
Part number: A-2063-6098

12 – RMP60M 3-way adaptor
Part number: A-4113-0784

13 – RMP60M probe module adaptor
Part number: A-4113-0771

14 – MP3 probe
Part number: A-2053-5358

15 – Shorting cover
Part number: A-2053-6468

RMP60M Upgrade Kit
Current users of MP14, MP16 or MP18 radio probes may upgrade to RMP60M. A complete working system (probe, MI14 or MI16 interface and RMM antennas) must be exchanged.

  • RMP60M module
  • RMP60M probe module
  • RMI radio machine interface
  • RMI mounting bracket
  • Sealtite kit

Part number: RI-4113-1003