Rotate torque tester,NTS-6 series (S1/S2/S5/S10/S20)

Rotate torque tester

  • NTS-6 series (S1/S2/S5/S10/S20)

Measurement of rotation starting torque and rotating load torque Measure rotational torque of finished parts during assembly of equipment with rotating function.

As the output shaft self-rotates, catch load fluctuation of the rotating body by built-in sensor.

It can be measured rotational start torque of the rotated body (not rotating itself, no power) and load torque during rotation.

(Printer, copy machine, zooming lens, door knob mechanism, hinge mechanism etc …)

  • Three types of measurement mode
  • Enable to set upper & lower limit and pass/fail judgment by lamp
  • Adapted to various torque ranges with 5 types
  • OK · NG output
  • USB shape of Data output
  • External start signal input
  • Easy creation of torque waveform with real time output
  • The lineup of the NTS-6 series is NTS-6/S-1, NTS-6/S-2, NTS-6/S-5, NTS-6/S-10, NTS-6/S-20