Sediment Dust Regenerator SKY-2 Set

Sediment Dust Regenerator SKY-2 Set,This instrument regenerates workplace sediment dust collected, reproducing normal airborne dust sampling conditions. The PM4 particles are then collected using a particle size separator.

● By regenerating sediment dust in the workplace, PM4 particles can be recollected in order to create samples for X-ray diffraction analysis.

● The C-30 multi-stage particle size separator or the NW-354 inertial impactor can be used to collect PM4 particles efficiently.

● In order to adjust the horizontal positioning of the C-30 multi-stage particle size separator, an adjuster is attached to the base of the SKY-2 regenerator.

● In order to check that the C-30 multi-stage particle size separator is level, a leveling instrument is attached to the C-30 attachment unit (C-30 adapter).

● A reducing adapter can be attached to the C-30 multi-stage particle size separator to enable the use of a dia. 25 mm filter.

● The sampling flowrate when recollecting PM4 particles is 9.6 L/min for the C-30 and 20.0 L/min for the NW-354.

● The sampling pump used when recollecting PM4 particles is separately available. In order to accurately recollect PM4 particles, use a suction pump to ensure a stable suction volume.,

Item Code 080200-52
Model SKY-2
SKY-2 type main body of accumulated dust recurrence dust device
(With double ball of impinger stand) (080200-513)
Different diameter adapter for SKY (with 25mm filter paper clip) (080200-512)
Multi-stage separator (Model C-30) (080050-3553)
Inpaction Particle Size Separator (080120-354)
SPC Midget Impinger (080030-5)
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Options and Spare Parts

Sediment Dust Regenerator C-30 Adapter

SPC Midget Impinger G-1 / 30 mL