SIBATA Acid Value Testing Simple Pack

SIBATA Acid Value Tester Simple Pack / value 1,This is a simplified oil testing kit that can measure the rancidity of heated oil (plant oil) in a simple procedure. As the test solution is contained in the pack, the acid value can be measured easily and with high accuracy simply by aspirating the oil to be tested into the pack and comparing the color against the provided color chart.

The “Hygiene Standards for Boxed Lunches and Side Dishes” issued by Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare prescribes that oil must be replaced with new oil when the acid value of oil being used for frying foods reaches 2.5.

● The container is light and compact so it fits in your palm.

● Operation requires only aspirating oil and shaking the container. Reaction is completed in one minute.

● Nothing other than the Simple Pack and provided color chart is required.

● No experience or special knowledge is required for measurement.

● Even oil tinted in brown can be measured.,

Item Code 080520-351
Model AV1
Measurement Range
Under 0.5, 1, More than1.5
Number of Measurements
48 cycles
Blue->yellowish green->yellow
3 levels
Reaction Time
1 minute
Identification Symbol
48 pieces (12pieces/bag) x 4
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