SIBATA Battery Unit BU-205 for Asbestos Sampling Pump

SIBATA Battery Unit BU-205 for Asbestos Sampling Pump,This battery unit is dedicated for asbestos dust sampling pumps. A long-waited lithium ion battery model has now been released. It is 6 kg lighter than the previous BU-105 units.

・ This battery is dedicated for the AIP asbestos dust sampling pumps.

・ The battery has been changed from a lead battery used on the previous BU-105 units to a lithium ion battery.

• Charging time (approximately 15 hours) and operating time are equivalent to those of the BU-105.

・ It can be charged using the BC-105 battery charger.

• It can be used with the AIP-205/-105.,

Item Code 080800-206
Model BU-205
Lithium ion battery 240Wh(DC12V, 20Ah)
Operating Time
Dia. 25mm Open face / Disposable 5L/min : 5hour
Dia. 47mm Open face 10L/min : 5hour
200(W)x250(D)x155(H)mm (ExcluDing protrusions)
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