SIBATA Carbon Bead Active Sorbent Tube EW Type

SIBATA Carbon Bead Active Sorbent Tube EW Type,・ This sampling tube for ethylene oxide is filled with synthetic activated charcoal impregnated with hydrobromic acid.

・ It can collect ethylene oxide, a specified chemical substance under the Japanese Industrial Safety and Health Act.

● This product is a sealed glass tube filled with carbon beads impregnated with hydrobromic acid.

● Ethylene oxide in the work environment is derivatized and collected as 2-bromoethanol.

● High purity silica wool is packed between the two filling layers, simplifying retrieval during extraction.

● After collection, break the glass tube to retrieve the carbon beads from the inside, extract the sample using a mixed toluene/acetonitrile solvent, and analyze it using GC/MS.

● This is a low blank type.,

Item Code 080150-092
Model Type EW
Carbon beads impregnated with hydrobromic acid (Approx. 20 to 40 mesh): Front layer 100mg, Back layer 50mg
Preservation Method
Store in a dry, cool and dark place (below 0 to 10ºC).
Expiration Date
One year after manufacture
Approx. Dia. 6x70mm
Vinyl tube, heart-shaped cutter
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