SIBATA Digital dust monitor Model AP

SIBATA Digital dust meter Model AP-632TL,The AP-63 series is used for measurement of airborne dust concentrations in factories and offices, as well as filtration efficiency, dust removal efficiency measurement, dust exposure testing, concentration control in animal inhalation experiments, control of ventilation and air purifiers, etc. Designed as a dust concentration meter. Three types of L, M, and H are available for different sensitivities, so you can select each model according to your purpose. ●The detection tube is contained in a constant temperature bath, making it less susceptible to ambient temperature. ●The air in the detection section flows vertically, and the anti-contamination measures (clean air) in the optical system ensure stable operation. ●Since all detectors are of the rail pull-out type, maintenance, adjustment, and cleaning are easy. ●Up to 2km can be transmitted by wire with the pulse transmission circuit.,

Item Code 080000-6311
Model AP-632TL
Measurement Range
Open collector SinkCurrentmax.30V, 10ma pulse width 120 μS.transmission pulse wired 2km or less.Voltage output 0 to 10 mv
1cpm = 0.01 mg/m3
※Corrected with the above sensitivity using standard particles
Zero drift
1 cpm or less
Ambient temperature
-10-40 ℃
Monitor meter
Power Supply
AC100V ± 10V 50/60Hz about 70VA
270 (W) x 390 (D) x 250 (H) mm
Standard scattering plate (with protective case) 1
fuse (2A tube) 2 co -wires (green) ground 3m 1
Spare lamp (with dedicated socket) 2 pieces
1 brush
Driver large / small 1
Filter (GB-100R, φ47) 100 sheets
Vinyl tube (φ19 × 23mm, 5m) 1
1 pcs
6P connector 1
1 grease 1 bottle
Power supply cord 1 4
5P connector 1
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