SIBATA Digital Orifice Flow Meter OFD-1

SIBATA Digital Orifice Flow Meter OFD-1,The flowrate of high volume air samplers is calibrated using a standard flowmeter (roots meter). A roots meter is intended for installation, so it cannot calibrate flowrates at the measurement worksite.

The OFD-1 digital orifice flowmeter is an on-site measurement compatible flowrate calibrator for HV-500F/-500R/-700F/-700R/-1000F/-1000R/-RW high volume air samplers. Changing the conventional orifice flowmeter, which uses a U-shaped glass tube, to a sensor type, and adding an air pressure meter and thermometer means that when calibrating high volume air samplers, the values displayed can be used as is, without conversion by the user. In addition, the HV-R series of high volume air samplers can be calibrated automatically, enabling even easier, faster on-site flowrate calibration.

● A temperature sensor and atmospheric pressure sensor are built in, and the flowrate conversion is performed automatically.

● It connects to the HV-R series/HV-RW with a USB cable, and can perform calibration automatically.

● The orifice plates (2 types) are recognized automatically, eliminating attachment errors.

● Traceability can be obtained. (flowrate only)

● A separately available adapter is required to connect the OFD-1 to a high volume air sampler. Purchase a separate square adapter for the HV-1000F/-1000R/-700F/-700R/-RW. Purchase a separate round adapter for the HV-500F/-500R. (If you have the previous orifice flowmeter set, you can use the adapter included.),

Item Code 080130-8
Model OFD-1
Flow Rate Detection
Differential pressure detection system
Flow Accuracy
±3 % with respect to the measured flowrate value
Supported Model
HV-F series/HV-R series
Communication Function
USB (Special for automatic calibration of the HV-R series) The USB cable is not provided. To use automatic calibration, purchase a commercially available A-B type cable.
Set Flow Rate Range
90~1300 L/min*1
Operating Environment
Temperature 0-40ºC, Relative humidity 10-90%(Provided there is no condensation)
Power Supply
AA batteries 4(Operating time 8hours), AC adptor (Option)
Orifice plate 2-disc set
4 AA batteries (for operation check)
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Options and Spare Parts

Orifice Flowmeter Adaptor / square type

Adapter for Orifice Flowmeter / round type

OFD-1 Soft Case

AC Adapter HKSC-090810 9V-2A

Orifice Adapter / for round shape / particle separator