SIBATA Fiber monitor Model F-1K

SIBATA Fiber monitor Model F-1K,The Fiber Monitor F-1K type is a measuring instrument that can sort out only fibrous particles such as asbestos from among the particles floating in the air and relatively calculate the fiber number concentration. Sample air is introduced into the inside from the air sampling port by the suction pump, passes through the detection unit, the sampling holder, the flow sensor, and is exhausted inside the housing. Fibers that match the count analysis value by phase-contrast microscopy can be sorted out and densitized. It can be used for monitoring, etc. for environmental management in asbestos treatment work. ● Data can be saved by logging measurement. ● An alarm notifies you when the set concentration is exceeded. (It can also be connected to an alarm device, etc.) ●It is possible to connect to a PC for constant monitoring. ●The backup filter can also be used for counting analysis. ●Displays fibrous particle concentration (f/L) in real time. (60s update),

Item Code 080000-1000
Model F-1K
Measurement Range
Light Source
Semiconductor laser
Measurement Mode
Downtime, manual, logging
● Printer
● Alarm (open collector)
Rechargeable battery operating time
About 4 hours continuous operation (25 ° C)
Approximately 5.2kg
Suction Flow Rate
LCD (touch panel)
Display Content
● Count (count)

● Fibric particle concentration conversion value (F/L)

● Time (current time, setting, progress, remaining time)

● Success flow rate

● Various abnormalities (laser output, battery, etc.)

Operating Environment
0 to 40 ° C 5-90%RH (no condensation)
Power Supply
Combined use of AC100V (AC adapter) and nickel hydrogen battery 43.2Wh (9.6V, 4500mAh)
380 (W) x 230 (D) x 240 (H) mm (excluding protrusions)
AC adapter, hard case, zero filter, transparent bag for storage
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