SIBATA Handy Chlorine Meter AQUAB

SIBATA Handy Chlorine Meter AQUAB AQ-201/ with regent,The AQUAB series handy water quality meters are easy-to-operate water quality photometers. As the concentration conversion curves are pre-programmed, measurements can be performed immediately after zero-point adjustment using sample water. Two-point calibration is enabled by setting to user calibration mode. Up to 99 measurement values can be stored in memory.

■ Main Functions

● Memory function

  Measurement values are automatically saved up to 99 points.

  In memory check mode, you can check the measurement value immediately.

● Turning the power OFF automatically or manually

  The power can be automatically turned OFF even if you forget to turn it OFF. You can also turn the power OFF manually.

● For measuring residual chlorine

Tap water is disinfected with chlorine in order to secure sanitation. Residual chlorine indicates the available chlorine remaining in tap water in a state that it has a disinfecting effect. DPD method is used as a legally-specified procedure to check and measure residual chlorine concentration.

The AQ-201 is a residual chlorine comparator that uses the DPD method. It can measure up to 2.00 mg/L of residual chlorine concentrations and can be used to measure residual chlorine in water in living environments such as buildings, condominiums, schools, factories, swimming pools, and amusement facilities. The concentration of free residual chlorine can be obtained by using only the DPD reagent and the total residual chlorine and the combined residual chlorine concentration can be obtained by using potassium iodide together with the reagent.,

Item Code 080560-201
Model AQ-201
Measurement Principle
Absorptiometry by DPD reagent
Measurement Range
Light Source
0.01mg/L / ±0.01mg/L
Measurement Item
Residual chlorine
Measurement Method
Permeation absorption measurement
Measurement Wavelength
Measuring Cell
Vial bottle with 24mm cap
Display Format
Digital Numbers
Data Recording
Sample Water Volume
Automatic Power off
Automatic power off after 120 seconds of key operation (manual operation is also possible)
Light Receiving Section
Measurement Time
Approx.2 seconds for both zero-point recognition and consentration measurement
Power Supply
AAA batteries 4
70(W)x142(D)x63(H)mm – Approx. 250g
Powder reagents 25 packs
Sample cells 2 pieces
AAA alkaline batteries 4 pieces
Carrying case
Quick manual
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Options and Spare Parts

DPD Powder Reagent / 100 pks

DPD Powder Reagent / 500 pks

Water Quality Testing Potassium Iodide / 20 g

AQUAB Test Tube / 10 mL / glassware