SIBATA Low Height Thermosensor LTM-1

SIBATA Low Height Thermosensor LTM-1,This is an optional part for the IES-5000/-4000 indoor pollution evaluating systems.

The thermosensor is designed with the purpose to measure the temperature at around 10 cm above the floor. It can measure the indoor temperature distribution more accurately as a comparison of measurement values between the specified heights 75 cm and 150 cm above the floor.

Using the separately available fastening clip for LTM-1 (item code: 080610-5015), fasten it at any location on the tripod so that the measurement position is 10 cm above the floor.,

Item Code 080610-068
Model LTM-1
Measurement Range
Measurement Accuracy
±0.5ºC ±1digit
0.1ºC(IES-5000 )
Detection Unit Dimensions/Material
Dimensions: 4.8mm dia. x 165mm
Handle Dimensions/Materials
Dimensions: 14mm dia. x 100mm
Material: Bake
Cable Length
Approx. 1000mm
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