SIBATA Mask Fitting Tester MT-05U

SIBATA Mask Fitting Tester MT-05U,・ The MT-05U Roken type mask fitting tester is a measuring device for determining the dust penetration rate (leak ratio %) into a mask from the results of tallying the number of particles inside and outside the mask respectively. (Compliant with JIS T 8150)

・ Quantitative fitting tests can be performed, which is useful when selecting a mask for a particular person.


・ Countermeasures for airborne infections and droplet transmitted infections for medical personnel:

Selection of an N95 mask suited to an individual’s face; checking the air tightness (leak ratio) when wearing a mask; training and education about how to wear a mask

・ Exposure countermeasures at industrial sites:

Workers in contact with dust including indium, refractory ceramic fibers, and welding fumes

・ Checking the air tightness (leak ratio) when wearing a mask; measuring the protection coefficient for respiratory protective equipment; training and education about how to wear a mask


● Capable of quantitatively measuring the air tightness (leakage ratio) of a dust preventing mask against the face.

● A particle counter system has been adopted for the detector.

● Measures the extent of dust particle leakage (leakage ratio) into a mask, by comparing the respective tallies of dust particles inside and outside of a mask.

● Equipped with three modes: fitting test mode, fitting check mode, and training mode, which can be selected to suit the application.

● Equipped with a tube heating mechanism and a dryer mechanism (automatic/manual) for reducing condensation in the tube due to respiration.

● Capable of measurements using the test guide (non-destructive to the mask) and measurements using the tube joint set (which puts a hole in the mask).

● By connecting with a computer, the measured person’s information and the mask information can be registered in a database, and the leak ratio and other measurement results can be automatically recorded.

• Operable OS: Windows 8.1/10

● The leak ratio can be measured while checking the fit of the mask using the mirror provided.

Differences from the Previous Model MT-05

● Daily check mode added

● Strengthened the condensation reduction function

● Computer communication function added

● Soft case is provided as standard.,

Item Code 090200-081
Model MT-05U
Measurement Principle
Particle count measurement by laser light scattering method (Measurement of particle count ratio between room and inside mask)
Measurement Target
Evaluation of adhesion between mask and face
Measurement Range
Count range:0~9999999 count
Lealage rate:0.00~100.0%
Protetion count, Fit factor:1~1000000
Measurement Item
Number of particles and leak ratio, protection factor, fit factor
Particle Size
above 0.3μm , above 0.5μm , select between 0.3~0.5μm
Protection Function
Overcurrent and overvoltage protection (AC Adapter)
leakage ratio/the protection coefficient/Fit factor calculation function/Heating tube temperature control function,Dryer function,RS-232C output function,USB communication function
Suction Flow Rate
Measurement Time
(Fit check mode)
As standard, the outside of the mask and the inside of the mask are purged for 10 seconds and measured for 3 seconds (total of about 26 seconds).
Operating Environment
Temperature 0-40ºC, Relative humidity 30-90%(Provided there is no condensation)
Power Supply
AC100-240V, 50/60Hz, 0.5A
Body Dimensions
210(W)x240(D)x232(H)mm (Excluding protrusions) Approx. 3kg
AC adapter 1 piece, soft case 1 piece, sampling tube (pair tube) 2 pieces, tube connector 2 pieces, test guide 10 pieces, clip 1 piece, high performance filter for zero check 1 piece, tube joint set type M 100 set, Tube joint mounting tool type M 1 set, suction port cap 2 pieces, external output connector cap 1 piece, USB connector cap 1 piece, USB cable 1 piece, soft case 1 piece, CD-ROM 1 piece (communication software, USB driver, Instruction manual for main unit, instruction manual for communication software), safety precautions, quick manual
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Options and Spare Parts

MT-05 Soft Case

Sampling Pair Tube / 1.5m x 5

Test Guide / 10 pcs

Tube Joint Set Type M / 100 pairs

Tube Joint Attachment Tool Type M

DPU-414 Connection Cable

Mask Fitting Tester Tube 1.5 m / 5 pcs

Salt Tablet for mask fitting tester DS99009 / 100 tablets

Desktop Compact Thermal Printer BL2-58SNWJC

Thermal Paper for BL2-58SNWJC

High-Performance Zero Check Filter for Fit Tester