SIBATA Non-Contact Countdown Timer Model TM-27

SIBATA Non-Contact Countdown Timer TM-27,

-The sound is heard for 5 seconds in time -up, and the liquid crystal display is automatically returned to the set second.
・ The non -contact switch is within 3cm so that it does not respond unnecessarily when a person passes nearby.
・ Switching the set second is performed with the push switch on the back of the main unit. (Set 5 to 90 seconds every 5 seconds)
・ For the main unit, it comes with a body stand, back magnet, mounting board (can be attached to places other than metal such as walls and tiles).

* It is a non -contact hygienic hand washing timer. You can start the timer by holding your hand without touching the body. Suitable for hygienic hand washing management.


Item Code 080320-327
Model TM-27
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