SIBATA Passive Sorbent Tube for Organic Solvents

SIBATA Passive Sorbent Tube for Organic Solvents / 12 pcs,This omni-directional gas sampler can collect organic solvent gases in air in a simplified manner, and determine the concentrations of the substances. The PTFE tube is filled with activated charcoal particles (sorbent). It is designed so that gas is collected when it comes in contact with the activated charcoal based on the principle of natural dispersion through the pores on the surface of the PTFE tube. Simply leave it for a set time in the measurement environment for the gas to be spontaneously adsorbed. Pumps, flowmeters, and other devices are not required so it is lightweight and easy to handle.,

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Model 12pcs
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Passive Sorbent Tube Holder for organic solvents