SIBATA PM2.5 Sampler LV-250R

SIBATA PM2.5 Sampler LV-250R,This PM2.5 sampler is capable of mass concentration measurements of microscopic particulate matter (PM2.5) using a filter, based on the standard measurement method designated by the Japanese Ministry of the Environment.

With this sampler, airborne particles in environmental air are aspirated in at a constant flowrate via a suction port. PM2.5 particles passed through an impactor are then collected on a filter. Suction flowrate changes are minimized by a constant flowrate unit equipped with temperature and air pressure correction features, so the particle separation characteristics of the impactor are kept constant. The temperature of the filter unit is controlled so that it is always within 5 ℃ of the external air temperature. This prevents revaporization of volatile matter contained in the PM2.5 particle sample.

● The particle size separator used is compliant with the standard measurement method designated by the Japanese Ministry of the Environment.

● The constant flowrate unit keeps the suction flowrate constant, thus maintaining the particle separation characteristics of the impactor.

● It automatically corrects the suction flowrate for changes in the external air temperature or air pressure (actual flowrate control).

● It maintains a stable suction flowrate even with increases in filter pressure loss.

● The timer feature enables the user to set the sampling start time and stop time.

● The flowrate, time, temperature, and pressure are displayed.

● It is capable of storing (logging) measurement values, for processing on a computer. (A separate communication cable with software is required.)

● If a power outage causes a temporary stop, or problems with the flowrate or filter temperature occur, the time of the occurrence is recorded.

● The exterior has a urethane coating.,

Item Code 080040-710
Model LV-250R
Particle Separation Characteristics
PM2.5(2.5μm50% cut)
Dia.47mm(PTFE, Quartz fiber)
Start and finish collection timer
Suction Pump
Diaphragm pump
Display Items
Flowrate, air temperature, air pressure, filter temperature, filter pressure loss, date and time, measurement time, errors
Semiconductor sensor
Mass flow sensor
Approximately 15 kg (main body)
Approximately 12 kg (stand)
Suction Flow Rate
Display Unit LCD
Operating Environment
Temperature 0-40ºC, Relative humidity 10-90%(Provided there is no condensation)
Power Supply
AC100V 50/60Hz 2A Cable length : 3m
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Options and Spare Parts

PM2.5 Sampling Filter 50 sheets

PM2.5 Filter Holder

Filter for PM2.5 Impactor Dia.37 100 sheets