SIBATA PM4 Personal Air Sampler Set

SIBATA PM4 Personal Air Sampler Set,This personal sampler is for evaluating personal exposure to dust in work environments.

Using an inertial impactor, this sampler separates inhalation dust (respirable particles) in accordance with PM4 (50 % cut in 4 μm particles) separation characteristics. Coarse particles larger than PM4 are collected by a stainless steel collection plate, and the inhalation dusts (respirable particles) are collected by a filter. As a result, the exposure by working personnel can be measured both in terms of the concentration of inhalation dust (respirable particles) and the total dust concentration.

● This sampler can collect PM4 respirable particles (with a 50 % cut at 4 μm) at a suction flowrate of 2.5 L/min.

● The provided NWPS-254 holder is compliant with the regulatory conditions in article 2 item 2 of the Work Environment Measurement Standards.

● It is used as a sampler to measure personal exposure concentrations to dust and manganese welding fumes as a personal sampling device for work environment measurements.

● The MP-W5P (CE compliant) suction pump with constant flowrate function and accumulated flowrate function is used.

● The instantaneous flowrate and accumulated flowrate can be displayed as values converted to 25 ℃ at 1 atm.

● The NWPS-254 filter holder for personal samplers is certified by the Japan Association for Working Environment Measurement.

● A belt hook is attached to the back of the MP-W5P minipump (CE compliant),,

Item Code 080150-445
Particle Separation Characteristics
PM4(4μm50% cut)
Suction Pump
Model MP-W5P minipump (CE compliant),
Filter Paper Holder
NWPS-254:Made of plasticDia.25mm
Suction Flow Rate
Holder for individual sampler NWPS-254 type x 1 (with grease guide, metal collection plate, toaron tube)
Mini pump Model MP-W5P x 1 unit
Grease set (with spatula and microspartel) x 1 set
Intermediate clip x 1
PTFE binder filter Model TF98R Dia. 25 x 100 sheets
Soft case for MP-W5P x 1
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PM4 Filter Holder NWPS-254 / for personal