SIBATA Radioactive Iodine Sampling Holder RI-55

SIBATA Radioactive Iodine Sampling Holder RI-55,This sampling holder samples radioactive iodine suspended in the air at work environments where radioactive substances are handled. The interior of the holder consists of a glass fiber filter, an activated carbon impregnated filter, and an activated carbon cartridge.

A suction pump is required to use the RI-55 holder for radioactive iodine samplers. A suction pump with high flowrate accuracy is required to improve sampling accuracy.

The LV-40BW low volume pump is equipped with a mass flow sensor and has a constant flowrate function, so it provides high accuracy flowrate sampling with a stable suction flowrate.,

Item Code 080120-008
Model RI-55
Tube Diameter
I.D. 10mm
Dia. 74x130mm
Inlet (made of aluminum) 1 piece
Outlet (made of aluminum) 1 piece
Cartridge holder (aluminum) 1 piece
Filter paper support mesh (SUS wire mesh) 1 piece
O-ring G-50 1 piece
O-ring G-55 3 pieces
2 PTFE packings
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