SIBATA Real-time Dust Monitor FLD-1

SIBATA Real-time Dust Monitor FLD-1,Although conventional portable dust indicators are easy to move around, they are only designed for a short measurement cycle, so they are not suitable for continuous measurements. In addition, a separate cabinet and sampling line are needed to avoid the wind and rain if they are used outdoors.

The FLD-1 outdoor dust monitor consists of a light-scattering type dust indicator in a cabinet, and is suitable for continuously measuring dust levels in outdoor environments. This instrument makes it possible to measure outdoor dust concentrations without making any modifications. Also, thanks to an extensive selection of output functions, multiple units can be used to monitor dust concentrations at construction sites or along the boundaries of undeveloped building sites.

● Extensive output functions allow various system configurations.

● Installing filter paper allows a single dust monitor to be used for concurrent measurements to determine the K value (mass concentration conversion factor).

● Backup filter and pump replacement are easy, and maintenance is simple.

● The dehumidification heater minimizes any increase in measurement values due to condensation or other factors.

● The compact design allows easy portability and placement.

■ Operational Schematic

One or more units can be installed at the boundaries of plant sites, construction sites, rubble treatment sites and in other outdoor environments. Then using their output function, monitoring can be consolidated to a single location, and if a certain concentration level is reached, a warning can be issued.,

Item Code 080040-63
Model FLD-1
Measurement Principle
Light Scattering Method
Measurement Range
Measurement Accuracy
±10%(Against standard particle)
Light Source
Laser Diode
Measurement Sensitivity
Analog output:DC 0-1V, 4-20mA Output item:Dust concentration only(Instantaneous value)
Alarm output:Open collector output(rated DC24V, 0.04A) Output criteria:1.Dust concentration(average value), 2.Dust concentration(instantaneous value), 3.Various errors Select 1 of 1~3
USB, RS-485:Measurement data and alarm information can be acquired and measurement can be started and stopped by transmitting specific commands.
Suction Pump
DC Brush-less motor
Mass flow sensor(Flow rate temperature conversion :20 ºC at 1 atm)
Suction Flow Rate
Sampling Line
Dehumidifying heater(10W)
Logging Function
Recording timing: Cycle:1~99min.(max9999)
Items: Dust concentration, suction flow rate, atmospheric pressure, heater temperature or less Options: Temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind speed
Alarm Logging Function
Recording timing:When an alarm occurs(max100)
Items:Power failure error, BG measurement error, sensitivity correction error, pump flow rate error, laser error, dust unit communication error, meteorological meter communication error, dehumidifying heater error, button battery capacity warning, backup button battery dead
Meteorological meter, PM2.5 cyclone, prop mounting bracket
Operating Environment
Temperature 0-40ºC
Power Supply
AC100V 50/60Hz 0.5A
Cable length : 3m
400(W)x200(D)x860(H)mm(ExcluDing protrusions) Approx. 14kg
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Options and Spare Parts

Meteorological Sensor for FLD-1

PM2.5 Cyclone Separator for FLD-1

FLD-1 Pole Fitting / 2 pcs

Filter Cartridge for FLD-1 / 2 pcs