SIBATA Simplified Water Testing Kit Variety set

SIBATA Simplified Water Testing Kit / Tap Water / 5 types x 2,This simplified water quality testing kit “Simple Pack” includes items for environmental education. Items are explained in an easy-to-understand story-like format. The package can be brought outside as is for convenience.

The product for tap water has five items. Each pack is individually packaged with desiccant so it can be carried easily.

Water check ranger series products come with sheets to record water quality measurement results.,

Item Code 080520-461
Model Tap Water
Measurement Range
pH5:pH5.0~9.5 10 steps
Free residual chlorine:0.1~5mg/L 8 steps
Nitrous acid:NO2:0.02~1mg/L 6 steps
NO2 -N:0.006~0.3mg/L 6 steps
Iron :0.3~10mg/L 6 steps
Total hardness:0~200mg/L 6 steps
Measurement Item
ph5, Free residual chlorine, Nitrous acid, Iron, Total hardness
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