SIBATA Thermal Anemometer ISA-700

SIBATA Thermal Anemometer ISA-700,This is a handy, low cost thermal anemometer. It is capable of high accuracy wind speed measurements with the fixed temperature differential method as the driving principle for wind speed detection.

A highly stable platinum resistance element is used for wind speed detection. Stable, accurate wind speed measurements are enabled by configuring the detection element to the environment of interest.

The probe is a porous type. (Measurements are independent of the orientation across a 360 degree horizontal range with respect to the vertical direction of the sensor. It is highly durable because the periphery of the sensor is covered by a protective tube.)

● Compliant with JIS T 8202-1997

● Low cost anemometer

● Integrated main unit and probe

● Small and lightweight

● Large digital display

● Equipped with a 60 second average measurement function

● Equipped with a measurement value hold function

● Battery level indicator function

● Reading directly from the digital display

● The control buttons are organized on one side, so it can be operated with one hand while being carried

● Easy to operate,

Item Code 080280-7002
Model ISA-700
Measurement Target
Wind speed(Clean air flow with normal humidity and pressur)
Measurement Range
Measurement Accuracy
±(5% of inciated value+0.1m/s)±1digit at calibration
Response Time
It takes about 2 seconds to respond in 90% when the wind speeds increases suddenly from under 0.1m/s to above 1.0m/s.
Temperature Compensation Range
5 to 50ºC
Display Resolution
Display Function
60 second average measurement function
measurement value hold function
Battery level indicator function
Temperature Effect Coefficient
Indication value within ±0.4%/ºC
Detection Element
Platinum Resistance Thermometer Elements
Operation Method
Bridge balanced type constant temperature differential operating system
Main unit : 76 (W) x 27 (D) x 135 (H) mm (excluding protruding parts)
Sensor sleeve : Outer diameter 12mm, length approx. 60mm
Approximately210g(Including battery)

Storage Environment Conditions
Temperature 2-45ºC, Relative humidity 5-95%(Provided there is no condensation)
Operating Environment
Main unit : Temperature 10-35ºC, Relative humidity 15-90%(Provided there is no condensation)
Probe : Temperature 5-50ºC, Relative humidity 10-95%(Provided there is no condensation)
Power Supply
4 AAA batteries , AC adapter(option)
Operating Time
Approx. wind speed 0.5m/s over 5hour (while using it AAA batteries)
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Options and Spare Parts

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