SIBATA Tube Joint Set Type M / 100 pairs

SIBATA Tube Joint Set Type M / 100 pairs,This consumable part is for Roken type mask fitting testers.

The type M tube joint set (set of 100) includes a bracket (mask penetrating), which is used when fastening the sampling tube directly to the mask. It reduces the risk of the sampling tube falling out of the mask during measurement. It is suitable for fit test mode, which is associated with movement of the body during measurement.

The stopper (receptacle) is made of a strongly magnetic stainless steel material. Using it as a set with the type M tube joint attachment tool (item code: 080200-0831), which has a magnet on the concave side, enables the smooth attachment of the tube joint set to the mask.,

Item Code 080200-08211
Main Material
Tube joint:Lead/Cadmium-less brass
Stopper: SUS
Tube joint 10 0 pieces
Stopper 10 0 pieces
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Tube Joint Attachment Tool Type M