SIBATA Waterproof Type Infrared Thermometer Model SK-8950

SIBATA Waterproof Type Infrared Thermometer SK-8950,

・ The surface temperature can be measured quickly due to non -contact. Sanitary because it can be measured without touching. High temperatures, high places, and dangerous things can be measured safely.
・ The measurement area is displayed in a circle marker. You can see the standard of the measurement at a glance.
・ The radiation rate can be set in 0.01 units. In order to measure correctly, it is necessary to set the radiation ratio according to the measured object.
・ We will inform you with a buzzer when the set maximum value or lower limit is exceeded.
・ MAX (maximum temperature), min (minimum temperature), AVG (average value), DIF (temperature difference between MAX and min) can be displayed.
・ With auto measurement function. Continuous measurement is possible with the measurement trigger separated.
・ With an LCD backlight function that allows you to read the temperature indicated value even in dark places.
・ With auto power OFF function. When the measurement trigger is released, the display is fixed (Hold) for about 1 minute, and the power is turned off automatically. Prevents battery consumption due to forgotten power off.
・ Consumer life Product Safety Law Mobile Laser Applied device with PSC mark. This instrument corresponds to a class 2 laser products and has a PSC mark.

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* Please note that body temperature cannot be measured with this product.

* A digital thermometer that can be used for monitoring biological damage factors. You can check the measurement site with a thermal type laser marker. Dustproof and waterproof structure can be operated with wet hands and complies with JIS C 0920 IP54.


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Model SK-8950
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