Simplified Water Testing Kit

Simplified Water Testing Kit / ClO,・ Simple Pack® was developed based on the colorimetric method used in official measurement methods such as JIS methods and standard methods of analysis for hygienic chemists.

・ Results can be obtained simply by aspirating sample water into a Simple Pack®, mixing it by shaking, and comparing the color against the provided standard color chart.

● Light-weight, compact analysis set

The container is light and extremely compact (approx. 55 mm from the nozzle to the reagent chamber section) so it can fit inside your palm.

● All you need to do is aspirate sample water and shake it.

After aspirating sample water into a container that has the reagent, shake the container. The reaction is completed from 10 seconds to several minutes.

● Use one Simple Pack® for each measurement.

A box has Simple Pack® for 48 measurements as well as 4 pieces of color charts.

● No need to prepare anything besides Simple Pack® and provided color charts.

(Except for PO4)

You can perform measurements simply by comparing against the provided color chart after the color of the sample water changes.

● No experience or special knowledge is required to perform measurement.

Measurement does not require any special experience or knowledge as all you need to do is aspirate sample water and compare colors.

• Coexistent substances contained in sample water sometimes affect measurement. For more details, refer to “Effect of Coexisting Substances” in the Operation Manual available at the bottom of this page.

■ Applications

Drinking water overall, water in swimming pools, environmental examination on river water, drain water examination, process control,

Item Code 080520-306
Model Free Residual Chlorine ClO
Measurement Range
0.1~5mg/L 8 steps
Measurement Item
Free Residual Chlorine ClO
Color chart Display color
0.1 0.2 0.4 0.6 0.8 1 2 5
Pale pink->dark pink
Reaction Time
10 seconds
48 pieces
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Options and Spare Parts

Simple Pack Color Chart / Free Residual Chlorine