Slip torque tester,DI-12 series (SL4/SL02/SL15)

Slip torque tester

  • DI-12 series (SL4/SL02/SL15)

For measurement of torque of tightened screw Measure how much force the screw is tightened.

Enable to measure the torquevalue of tightened screw by grasping the occurrence of slippage accurately and measuring the torque.

For sampling inspection and setting&managing Output Torque of power driver.

  • Smooth tightening work with motor drive
  • Unnecessary to be tighten again by automatic stop function after determination
  • Measure torque value of tightened screw
  • Create torque curve (measurement of break torque, limit torque, yield point torque, etc.)
  • The lineup of the DI-12 series is DI-12-SL02, DI-12-SL4, DI-12-SL15