Torque tester,CD-100M/10M

Torque tester

  • CD-100M/10M

Suitable for daily inspection of electric screw driver Using convensional joint (SJ joint (PAT)) Enable to save 5 channels of pass/fail judgement criterion, and enable to change settings by switch channels even if the tightening term changes.

High durability against high torque loaded unexpectedly. (triple the durability of conventional model).

Also, the attached adapter does not disassemble the joint due to excessive rewinding.It can be used and managed in a conventional way.

  • Show “Measurement mode”, “Measurement unit”,”maximum, minimum, average”
  • Switchable measurement unit
  • Enable to save 5 sets of settings such as upper limit and lower limit
  • 800 items of memory data
  • Real-time output About every 1/180 seconds
  • Data acquisition software can be downloaded for free