YOKOGAWA 701936 Deskew Correction Signal Source

YOKOGAWA 701936 Deskew Correction Signal Source,

What is ‘Deskewing?’

When using different types of probes, such as a voltage probe and a current probe, a small propagation delay difference exists between the probe pair. Small, but significant, this difference is caused by each probe’s unique internal circuitry and cable length. This propagation delay difference is known as ‘skew’ and creates an error when calculating switching loss or measuring timing.

In the high speed switching of the switching power supply, the engineer is required to measure the timing of the control signal in nano seconds.

The 701936 Deskew correction signal source provides time synchronized current and voltage sources, which are necessary to calibrate and to ‘deskew.’ Deskew meaning to remove the skew characteristics from your oscilloscope-based power analysis measurements.