YOKOGAWA 720230 Logic Input Module

YOKOGAWA 720230 Logic Input Module,

720230 Logic Input Module Details

Compatible with 700986, 700987, 702911, and 702912 logic probes.
Applicable to DL350, DL850 series, and DL950.

Input logic signals can be displayed as waveforms at 10 MS/s sampling resolution. Each port can measure 8 bits, and 2 ports of input are available on each module. Thus, a single module can observe 16-bit logic signals.

You can turn the display of individual bits ON/OFF, and assign each bit its own unique label. In all, you can input and display up to 128 bit of logic signals by installing up to eight modules in a single DL950/DL850E/DL850EV for example.

You can select from four different types of logic probes to best fit the input signal. (For details on logic probes, see page 11.) The input format, maximum input voltage, threshold level, and other settings depend on the logic probe being used; please refer to the specifications of your logic probe. The following logic probes can be used.

Logic probe (TTL level/contact input) 1 m: 702911/3 m: 702912; High-speed logic probe 700986; Isolation logic probe 700987