SIBATA Digtal Dust Indicator LD-5R

SIBATA Digtal Dust Indicator LD-5R,Many Sibata digital dust indicators are used to measure airborne particles at worksites. These are relative concentration meters based on the light scattering method, and provide data faster than with the filtration collection method, which gives them an advantage when assessing sudden concentration changes. On the other hand, given the characteristics of the relative concentration obtained, the measurements must be corrected to mass concentration by determining a mass concentration conversion factor with the filtration collection method as the standard. Entering a mass concentration conversion factor (K value) makes it easy to convert the measured value to mass concentration.

The LD-5R is a relative concentration meter that uses the light scattering method, and is capable of displaying the measurement results in a variety of styles.

● The pump is built in, and the suction flowrate is stable.

● During measurement, the accumulated count value, the instantaneous concentration, and the change in concentration over time (graph) can be displayed on the LCD at the press of a button.

● Information on the component parts can be displayed on the screen to confirm maintenance timing.

● Thanks to the logging function, measurement values can be recorded easily.

● Measurement values recorded with the logging function can be downloaded to a personal computer using an optional communication cable with software.

• Compatible OS: Windows 8.1/10,

Item Code 080000-73
Model LD-5R
Measurement Principle
Light Scattering Method
Measurement Range
0.001~10.000mg/m3(against standard particle)
Measurement Accuracy
±10%(Against standard particle)
Light Source
Laser Diode
Measurement Sensitivity
1CPM=0.001mg/m3(for standard particles)
Measurement Mode
Timed measurements: Setting time: 1min, 2min, 10min, 60min, 240mi, user designated, manual, and start time specified.
Logging measurements: Number of points recorded: 60000 points Minimum log cycle: 1 second Maximum measurement time: 9999 hours and 59 minutes
Recorded information: CPM value, start time, number of data points and logging cycles
SPAN measurement : Automatic sensitivity correction
BGcancel:BG mesurement, BG subtraction, BG recording
Pulse oitput
Open collector Max input 12V
Voltage output
0~1000CPM:0~1V, 0~10000CPM: 0~1V
Data reading and equipment setting by dedicated communication software by USB (Optional)
Suction Flow Rate
ColorgraphicLCD Screen
Display Content
Accumulated count/Measurement time/Bar graph/CPM/Trend graph/Current time/Mass concentration conversion value/K value/Battery level
Operating Environment
Temperature 0-40ºC, Relative humidity 10-90%(Provided there is no condensation)
Power Supply
AA alkaline batteries: 6 pieces
Operating time: Approx. 10 hours
184(W)x68(D)x109.5(H)mm Approx. 1.1kg (Include battery)
AC adapter, AA batteries x 6, shoulder belt, filter
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Options and Spare Parts

LD-5R Soft Case

LD-5R Data Communication Cable / with software

High Efficiency Backup Filter for LD-5R

Electric Conductive Silicone Tube / Dia. 8 x 12 / 10m

LD-5R Analog Pulse Cable

AC Adapter UES36LCP

PM2.5 Cyclone Particle Size Selector for LD-5

Air Sampling Port for LD-5R