SIBATA Digital Dust Indicator LD-5D

SIBATA Digital Dust Indicator LD-5D,The LD-5D uses a sheathed air detector mechanism and includes a built-in suction pump. It is a relative concentration indicator with a light scattering system, and can perform measurements at tunnel construction sites and other worksites with comparatively high dust concentrations.

Relative concentration must be corrected to mass concentration by determining the mass concentration conversion factor (K value) with the filtration collection method as the standard. However, the mass concentration conversion factor is preloaded into the LD-5D, so the measurement value can easily be converted to the mass concentration for display. Note that this indicator has comparable characteristics to existing dust indicators (laser light source types), so mass concentration conversion factors to date can be used at equivalent worksites.

• This product is compatible with the calibration standards of the Japan Association for Working Environment Measurement.

● Thanks to the sheathed air mechanism, there are no concerns about contamination of the optical system, and it can be used to provide stable measurements at work sites with high dust concentrations.

● A large filter has been adopted, so it is capable of extended use even for high concentration measurements.

● The extent of filter contamination can be confirmed visually.

● Entering a K value in advance enables the measurement value (CPM) displayed to be converted to mass concentration (mg/m3).

● A span check and background measurement prior to dust measurements automatically maintain the sensitivity at time of shipment.

● Measurement values (CPM) can be recorded in the main unit. (In logging measurement mode)

● The recorded measurement values can be loaded into a PC and saved in text format using the USB cable and communication software provided.

● During measurement, a voltage or pulse corresponding to the concentration is output.

● It can be powered by dry cells or an AC adapter.

● It can be attached to a commercially available tripod.,

Item Code 080000-5
Model LD-5D
Measurement Principle
Light Scattering Method
Measurement Range
Measurement Accuracy
±10%(Against standard particle)
Light Source
Laser Diode
Measurement Sensitivity
1CPM=0.01mg/m3(for calibration particles)
Measurement Mode
Countdown timer: Measurement is set and performed using a built-in countdown timer.
6 sec, 10 sec, 30 sec, 1 min, 2 min, 3 min, 5 min, 10 min (The default when the instrument is turned ON is 1 minute countdown mode.)
USB/RS-232C output (by exclusive communication cable with software)
Pulse output:Open collector Maximum voltage capacity : 12V
Analog output:0-1V(3 ranges selectable), output impedance 100Ω
graphicLCD Screen(With backlight, contrast can be adjusted)
Display Content
Accumulated count display:0~99999count(99999and above:continue counting from 00001)
Mass concentration conversion value display: mg / m3
/Measurement time /Current time /Measurement mode /Battery level / K value (set value 0.1 to 9.9)
/Bar graph (instantaneous value is displayed by pressing the switch during measurement)

Operating Environment
Temperature 0-40ºC, Relative humidity 5-90%(Provided there is no condensation)
Power Supply
(1) DC12V from 8 size C dry cell batteries (2)Special AC Adapter
245(W)x90(D)x190(H)mm(ExcluDing protrusions), Approx. 2.88kg(Include battery)
Shoulder belt, AC adapter (PA-314), communication cable with software (USB), AA manganese dry cell x 8
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Options and Spare Parts

Capsule Filter LAS-1 for LD-5D