SIBATA High Volume Air Sampler Andersen Type HV-RW

SIBATA High Volume Air Sampler Andersen Type HV-RW,HV-RW (for Andersen) is a particle separating air sampler, with an impactor equipped with a multi-stage porous jet nozzle. It is designed to collect particles suspended in the air that penetrate the respiratory system. The particle size separator main unit consists of 4 overlapping particle separating stages. It separates out aerosols between 1.1 and 7.0 μm in size. Aerosols smaller than 1.1 μm are filtered out by a backup filter.

The sampling flowrate is stabilized by combining a constant flowrate unit and a suction blower.

● Aerosols 1.1 to 7.0 μm in size are separated out by a 4-stage filter.

● Particles can be separated in 5 stages including the backup filter.

● The constant flowrate unit suppresses suction flowrate drops associated with collecting volume increases.

■ Applications

● Researching air pollution

● Researching respiratory disorders

● Analyzing carcinogenic substances separately by particle size

● In-factory monitoring,

Item Code 080130-1209
Model HV-RW(for Andersen)
Suction Pump
Brush-less blower
Flow Rate Detection
Differential pressure detection system
Power Failure Processing
Operation prior to the outage continues after recovery from the outage
Flow Accuracy
Within ±5 % of the set flowrate value
Particle Separation Range
1.1 to 7.0μm
Particle Size Classification
4 stages
Stage 1:7.0μm and larger
Stage 2:3.3 to 7.0μm
Stage 3:2.0 to 3.3μm
Stage 4:1.1 to 2.0μm
(Backup filter:1.1μm and smaller)
Suction Flow Rate
Touch panel LCD screen (with backlight)
Power Supply
AC100V 10A Cable length : 3m
While using : 575(W)x575(D)x1420(H)mm, Collection port height : 1210mm(From the installation surface)
Folded state : 575(W)x575(D)x960(H)mm
Dust separator main unit
Collection paper (5 sheets each in 4 rows) 20 sheets
Backup filters 5sheets
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