SIBATA High Volume Air Sampler HV-500R

SIBATA High Volume Air Sampler HV-500R,The HV-500R high volume air sampler is designed for suction rates of 100 to 800 L/min. It is compact to simplify on-site sampling, measurements, and transport.

By combining it with an inertial impact type particle size separator, a shuttle tube, or various other optionally available equipment, it can be used for multiple applications as an air sampler for work and atmospheric environments.

■ Applications

● Measuring dust at factories and other work environments

● Dioxin sampling at incinerators

● Dioxins when dismantling waste incineration facilities

■ Features

● The constant flowrate unit suppresses suction flowrate drops associated with collecting volume increases.

● The digital display shows the accumulated flowrate, suction pressure, and the instantaneous flowrate.

● A brush-less motor has been adopted, which limits dust production.

● Noise countermeasures have been taken.

● In combination with an optional adapter, a shuttle tube for dioxin sampling can also be attached.

● In combination with an optional particle size separator, it can also sample particle separation characteristics, cutting 100 % of particles 10 μm and larger.,

Item Code 090130-31
Model HV-500R(for Dust)
Particle Separation Characteristics
Open face
Suction Pump
Brush-less blower
Flow Rate Detection
Differential pressure detection system
Suction Pressure
Power Failure Processing
Operation prior to the outage continues after recovery from the outage
Flow Accuracy
Within ±5 % of the set flowrate value
Suction Flow Rate
500L/min(110mm dia glass fiber filter,when one is installed)
Touch panel LCD screen (with backlight)
Operating Environment
Temperature 0-40ºC
Power Supply
AC180 to 253V, 50/60Hz, 5A
Body Dimensions
Filter paper Filter paper clip 1 set
Dia. 110mm fiberglass filter
GB-100R-110A (10 sheets)
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Options and Spare Parts

PM4 Particle Size Separator / round type

HV Series Shuttle Tube

HV Series Glass Urethane Holder

Shuttle Tube Clump

Installation Parts Set for HV-500 Shuttle Tube

HV-500F Filter Holder / square type

Digital Orifice Flow Meter OFD-1

Orifice Adapter / for round shape / particle separator

Glass Fiber Filter PTFE Binding TF98R