SIBATA Personal Dust Monitor LD-6N2

SIBATA Personal Dust Monitor LD-6N2,・ The control unit (electrical circuitry) is separate from the detector unit to make this easier for workers to wear.

・ It can be used for a variety of measurements such as dust concentration measurements in the workplace, by fastening the detector unit to the control unit using the simplified detector stand.

● This small, lightweight dust indicator is for measuring a worker’s personal exposure to dust.

● Measurement values can be displayed either in terms of accumulated count or instantaneous value by switching between them.

● The measurement range is from 1 to 100,000 cpm. (The upper measurement limit of 100,000 cpm is for the relative concentration range used to determine instantaneously high concentration peaks, and is not guaranteed for measuring continuously high concentrations. Consider the regular concentration range to be 10,000 cpm or less.)

● Measurement values can be stored in the unit’s memory when the data logging function is used.

● The measurement values stored can be transferred to a computer using special software.

● The relay cable between the detector unit and the controller is removable, simplifying storage.

● The detector unit can stand independently using the optional stand.

● Clips are included to fasten the detector unit and relay cable to the worker.,

Item Code 080170-22
Model LD-6N2
Measurement Principle
Light Scattering Method
Measurement Range
1~100,000 CPM (0.001~100mg/m3)
Measurement Accuracy
Against indicated value±10%±1 count(Satandard Varticle)
Light Source
Laser Diode
Measurement Sensitivity
1CPM=0.001mg/m3(for standard particles)
USB connector:Measurement data serial port Output connector:Pulse output/External device control signal output/Data output for external signal unit
Model in which above OS can operate
CD Drive
One CD drive is necessary (at Installation)
Communication Port
One USB A connector port is necessary. This function must work properlly in computer.
/zero cancellation(Measurement for 6 seconds)/sensitivity correction(Measurement of scattered plate for 1 minute)/Manual measurement (manual operation)/Down timer measurement/Mass concentration conversion/Data logging(Memory recording of measured values)/Communication function
Data Logging
Measurement start time setting/Maximum measurement time setting

Recording cycle setting/Recordable 40,000

Display Content
Accumulated count:1~99,999(unit count)
Instantaneous value: 1 to 99,999 (unit: CPM)
Mass concentration conversion value (unit: mg / m3 only after measurement)
Battery level display
Power Supply
AC power supply, USB power supply, or internal nickel metal-hydride batteries
Battery charging time : About 4hours ; Battery operating time : About 10hours
Detection unit : 100(W)x37(D)x72(H)mm (Installing the air intake)
Main unit : 70(W)x35(D)x105(H)mm (ExcluDing protrusions)
Relay cable 1m
Approx. 0.5kg(Detection unit, Main uni, Relay cable)
AC adapter (AC power / charging), 3 clips, standard scattering version and zero filter (with filter / protective cap), LD-6N / 6N2 software (CD-ROM), USB cable (A-miniB Type), software Case (for storing the operation unit)
Those that have been completely confirmed to work under the above OS
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Options and Spare Parts

Stand for LD-6N2

Air Pump Unit for LD-6N2