SIBATA Polarized Dispersion Microscope MT6930

SIBATA Polarized Dispersion Microscope MT6930,・ This polarized dispersion microscope is compatible with JIS A 1481-1 (ISO 22262-1).

・ It can be used for qualitative analysis of asbestos in building materials.

・ A 10× and 40× objective lens is provided as standard for polarization observations, and a 10× objective lens is provided as standard for disperse dyeing observations.

・ Thanks to long lasting LED illumination (3 W), there are no concerns about bulb replacement.

・ An eyepiece graticule is built into the 10× eyepiece with visibility adjustment mechanism on the right.

・ High quality Japanese microscope,

Item Code 080140-6930
Model Type MT6930
Power Supply
AC100-230V 0.03A 50/60Hz
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